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Immigration Practice Areas


We focus on helping our clients address all matters related to immigration laws in the United States.
These include:

  • Family Reunification and Family based visa petitions

  • Consular Processing

  • Federal Court Litigation, including Petitions for Review, Mandamus, and Habeas Corpus

  • Adjustment of Status to that of Lawful Permanent Resident or “green card” holders

  • Alien Criminal Convictions

  • Deportation Proceedings and defense

  • All Family Based Immigration Matters

  • Criminal Defense and Jury Trial Cases for Immigrants Facing Removal

Federal Immigration Court Habeas Corpus and Appellate Work

Our offices are particularly experienced in the complex and difficult areas of federal court litigation in the immigration context.  Attorneys have successfully filed Habeas Corpus claims, Petitions for Review to the First Circuit, Writs of Mandamus and lawsuits alleging violation of due process and other rights in immigration court. 

​Green Cards/Adjustment of Status/Consular Processing

Demissie & Church has successfully helped many couples and family members navigate the complicated and onerous procedures involved in “adjustment of status” to obtain a “green card” or lawful permanent residence in the United States or Consular Processing overseas to come to the United States

Post-conviction Relief for Immigrants

Demissie & Church attorneys often advise clients and other attorneys on avoiding criminal convictions that may lead to deportation. The firm has avoided deportation for many immigrants by vacating criminal charges.

​Cancellation of Removal
Demissie & Church attorneys have won many cases in immigration court by applying for an immigration “pardon” or “cancellation of removal” for individuals in both the criminal and non-criminal context.


Demissie & Church attorneys can help you navigate the naturalization process and assure that your application is timely and efficiently processed by the Citizenship and Naturalization Office.

Demissie & Church attorneys are skilled in various areas of visa processing including family-based visa petitions, student visas, victims of violent crime or “U” visas, and special immigrant juvenile visas. Demissie & Church attorneys can provide you with the most updated processing information and keep your case moving through the immigration system.

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